5 Areas of our Research Priorites


In our inclusive approach to creating MENAPAR’s Research Agenda for the next five years (2018 – 2022), we distributed a survey to its membership, conference attendees as well as other important stakeholders who are part of MENAPAR’s journey, to assess the region’s research priorities. Below are the results of this survey in the top five areas that have been prioritized.



1. Innovation


This area of research seeks to find innovative solutions to Arab region public service delivery, which are citizen and resident centric. Key research issues that can be thought of include:


  • Defining and characterising Public Sector Innovation

  • Sources and approaches to Public Sector Innovation

  • Factors and facilitators for Public Sector Innovation

  • Perceptions of public sector innovation across countries

  • Understanding public sector innovation from the public servants’ perspective

  • Approaches to the diffusion of public sector innovation in practice

  • Drivers and barriers to Public Sector Innovations

  • Internal drivers and barriers

  • External drivers and barriers

  • Political drivers and barriers

  • Selected examples of Public Sector Innovation

  • Successful cases

  • Less successful examples


2. SDGs


This thrust seeks to promote SDG research for the Arab region in the 5 areas of education, health, partnerships between entities, the economy and innovation. These five areas were prioritized by the MENAPAR Research Priority Area Survey.



Possible research avenues within and across the five areas include:

  • SDG17 and a Subnational Cooperation Agency, the ACCD by Carme Gual

  • Partnerships for Sustainable Development

  • A View from Inside the region’s Institutions 

  • Building Successful Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships to Implement the 2030 Agenda in the Arab region

  • Approaches to monitoring the implementation of the SDGs in the different priority areas

  • Auditing the SDG’s readiness of institutions and sectors in the region

  • Models for SDG investments

  • Country governance of the SDGs achievement


3. Governance


This area of research evaluates best practice governance mechanisms for the Arab region. The MENAPAR AND EuroMENA conferences have been holding workshops on best practices in the Arab region. A template has been developed to illustrate good governance example. Research could be developed to:

  • Document good governance examples

  • Analyze the macro-environment facilitators and inhibitors of good governance

  • Assess and adapt metrics for good governance

  • Evaluate the implementation of new governance

  • Assessing institutional setups of good governance

  • Strategies for achieving good governance

Biennially, MENAPAR collaborates with EGPA and Aix-Marseille University to conduct the EuroMENA Dialogues on Public Administration and Public Management between Europe and the Arab MENA region.


4. Public Policy


Public policy analysis is a large, sprawling intellectual enterprise involving numerous academic disciplines, private research organizations, and governmental agencies each sharing a common concern with the formulation, implementation, or consequences of public policy decisions. This research area seeks to make the public policy design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation processes in the Arab region more inclusive, transparent, effective and efficient.

The focus should be on the extent of evidence-based policy making in the region and approaches to public policy as well monitoring and evaluation of public policies.


5. Education


This research area seeks to determine the gaps in education reform in the Arab region from primary level to university with the vision to make the region among the advanced nations of knowledge production. A key contribution in this respect is to characterize the current state of affairs of education in the region, at all levels of governance, educational attainment, governance, quality assurance, and employability.