The Middle East and North Africa Public Administration Research (MENAPAR) was incubated as an offshoot of the research activities of BIPA within the Capacity Development Facility (CDF); a joint project of BIPA and the UNDP.


The original idea of creating a regional network of public administration research was proposed by BIPA. A preliminary meeting was held on June 1st, 2013 where the idea of creating a regional network of public administration research was exposed in a workshop that was held as a prelude to the IIAS/IASIA congress. The idea was well accepted by the 50+ attendees and further pursued in a BIPA/UNDP joint workshop in early November 2013 to define what the network should look like, what agenda it should pursue, how it will be governed and how it can become sustainable.


Subsequently, MENAPAR was born on April 23rd, 2014 by acclamation of participants in its organizational meeting. It was officially announced during the closing ceremony of the first MENAPAR conference on April 24th, 2014 in Bahrain and communicated at a subsequent Press conference. MENAPAR conducted annual conferences as shown below in various countries across the Arab region, including on a biennial basis as the EuroMENA in conjunction with the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA) and Aix-Marseille University.



The MENAPAR idea was motivated by i) the lack of research on public administration in the region; ii) a weak public administration research “ecosystem;” and iii) limited knowledge sharing on public administration research approaches and good practices across counties. Taken together, these aspects resulted in a lack of evidence-based policy formulation and implementation (decision-making).


On October 17th, 2018, MENAPAR became a legally registered international NGO in Belgium with a regional Arab mandate operating its Secretariat from the Kingdom of Bahrain.