A highly developed Arab region via sound public administration



MENAPAR will promote evidence-based policy and decision-making in public administrationfor the public good through:
  • developing thinking and a research culture about strategic issues in Arab Public Administration for human development
  • building research capacities within Arab public administration
  • building networks and harnessing their collective efforts to set the cause of PA in the region
  • bridging the gap between the researcher and practitioner communities
  • promoting systems thinking within PA



The objectives of MENAPAR are the following:
  • to promote a research culture and help build research capacities in the region’s public sectors
  • to facilitate the implementation of innovative ideas in the region’s Public Administration
  • to foster contacts and create networks among practitioners, researchers and civil servants in the Arab region
  • to further research and academic/ practitioner exchange on issues of public administration, public policies, and good governance in the Arab region
  • to harness the collective intellect and efforts of organizations in the region to promote evidence-based PA and policy-making
  • to develop an indigenous research discourse on PA; one that tackles the problems of PA in the region as identified by the local actors
  • to provide a resource base for all actors in the Arab PA scene to use evidence for policy and decision-making. Resources can be in terms of people/consultants, research, or networking



MENAPAR is in the process of developing its regional strategy in consultation with its institutional members.  



MENAPAR will achieve its objectives through a number of means; chief amongst these are:
  • Annual conference to pursue the research agenda of MENAPAR
  • Seminars/forums to bring together forward thinkers and share experiences and best practices of PA and governance
  • Training curricula to build research capacity and research absorption in the public sector
  • Applied research deliverables (exp. White/concept papers, case studies, empirical studies, etc.)
  • Dissemination of findings through publications, specialized policy outlets, participation in professional PA events, etc
  • Development of research streams, research partnerships and collaborations, and organization of events to support a cross-regional harmonization of PA practices
  • Organization of panels during international events (IIAS, IASIA, etc.)
  • Editing of the Arabic Review of Administrative Services (ARAS)
  • Communities of practice in a variety of PA subjects and projects
  • MENAPAR Knowledge portal
  • Fostering of institutional contacts and exchanges with professional organizations in the field of public administration within and outside the Arab region.